Serpent's Skull

Death and Mercy

Nagi died in the caves today. We came across a group of ghouls who promised us the gift of “eternal life.” Before any of us could respond, Nagi lowered his weapon and walked towards them. At the last moment he charged, but the radiant slash that should have killed the leader just grazed her harmlessly. The ghouls fell upon him. It was a sight that no one should see- I felt pity for the paladin even as I focused my burning rage upon the undead bastards. Again, my rage saw me through and I don’t remember much besides hacking them all down and tasting their rotting flesh. At one point I saw Glib bravely stand beside me. I saw him destroyed 5 or 6 times before dimly realizing that he was making illusions of himself. Clever bugger. When I came out of my state the only one left alive was the leader. She had summoned a darkness so deep that only I could see with darkvision. Regardless, I guided my blind companions and saw Kyara make a wild swing. Luck favored her, and the scythe struck the creature’s neck, cleanly severing her head and ending their little tea party.
We burned the bodies, just in case they rose as zombies or something. Without Nagi we were greatly diminished, but the other gnome offered his services to our explorations. Again, another companion who claims to be a spellcaster. Having two gnomes around will be irritating, but maybe they can entertain each other.
Well, the gnome bard’s time with us was short. We decided to search for the Chupucabra and in its lair we found 5 large standing stones. The bard somehow figured out what they were for, but told me with a smirk that it needed orc’s blood. I glowered at him and told him to piss off, but he kept asking. From that point on he would continue to berate me, my lineage, my mother, my teeth, my build, anything. I have killed men for much less but decided to curb my anger for the sake of the expedition, and for Glib. Wouldn’t want the trickster angry with me. Anyways when he finally activated the power of the stones, the chupucabra attacked us. It was a short and furious battle but we were the victors. We then realized that the water level here and dramatically dropped after we used the stones, and there was a set of double doors previously underwater.
Inside revealed some kind of complex with undead and traps- many traps. Mostly pits but there was also a devilish room that sealed itself- making whoever was inside a prime target for the axe that dropped out of the ceiling. Kyara was almost crushed by the door as it closed, but we managed to force it open. I then carefully disarmed the trap and destroyed the axe.
Oh yes, the gnome. Back in the entry room were skeleton javelin throwers. The group ran by them to escape through another door. The gnome proceeded to shut the door- sealing me and the oracle with the undead. We survived, obviously, and even after this I somehow cooled my anger and offered him his life for a healing spell. He insulted me again, so I stabbed him, bit out his throat, and fed him to a shark. He did a fine job avoiding me for a while. My companions half-heartedly tried to stop me but not hard enough. Perhaps in my book I can spin this in some dramatic way such as the bard betrayed us or we ate him for lack of other food. Hmmm, it deserves thought at a later time. Now we are heading back to camp to rest and recuperate. I plan on forcing my ex cell mate to accompany us this time.


psh “lack of food” yeah right, not on MY watch!

Death and Mercy
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