Serpent's Skull


This island is HOT. We’ve taken to exploring this damned place and every hour in the sun is miserable. During peak hours we simply find shade and rest- or risk passing out. The druidess keeps us fed and watered- though hunger and thirst are never truly sated. The gnome we pulled from the ship has tagged along- he sweats like everyone else but has a stupid grin plastered onto his face as if he is entertaining himself in his own mind. At least he doesn’t chatter incessantly like most gnomes. Glib- as he calls himself- also claims to be a magic user. Now we have two “wizards”, a skinny elf, and a midget Tian warrior. What a mighty warband we are.
One of the survivors has finally made themselves useful. The other Tian man (Ishiro?) found a map to buried treasure! Digging on the indicated spot revealed a hole plugged by wooden boards. Nagi and I hacked away and it suddenly gave out. I managed to grab a hold but Nagi plunged into darkness. We heard a splash and a curse. I looked down to find undead creatures reaching for the paladin. In a flash of bright light Nagi annihilated one and the she-elf slung a stone at the other. I loaded my weighty crossbow and fired a bolt at the thing’s head. Guardians slain, we recovered a chest full of coins and re-buried it near our camp.
These natives really know how to make traps. We find a deadly new one every couple hundred feet. I really want to find where those cannibal freaks are and repay them for my latest scar. We assume they camp at the lighthouse, and the captain’s tracks lead there so perhaps I’ll get my wish.
Something about this island and its dangers has awakened some survival instinct in me. The Shackles has its own challenges to be sure but I was not prepared for the way of life here. The legacy of my father is rising to the surface as we need to react quicker, sleep less, and hit harder. There is also a deep, unfocused rage boiling inside me…
We came across some sentries today and Lanliss and I reacted immediately. Nagi wanted to offer them peace first but the ringing in my ears drowned out the sound of his broken common. Before they had much of a chance I plunged my sword into one’s chest and bit out the throat of another. It was over within seconds. Unfortunately one got away to warn the camp. Nagi was angry about the violence to the point where he looked ready to attack me- which would not have made much sense. I decided not to speak considering my few efforts at diplomacy in my past have not gone well. A war horn sounded and we wisely retreated.
A strange thing happened as we ran through the jungle. A girl came into our path and beckoned us to follow her. We did so and found ourselves in a cramped cave off the beaten path. Asking the girl questions proved useless because as fortune would have it, she was mute. She managed to draw/mime some tale about the cannibals killing her parents. I didn’t catch a lot of it due to my attention being drawn to her motley collection of weapons and armor. After her moving story, we had a single plan- kill cannibals.
Besmarra sail my ship! Our “wizards” are actually wizards! Our first skirmish against the naked Chelish cannibals was successful, and the gnome and elf showed their powers. Glib cloaked us in some illusory rock, and during the battle Lanliss channeled electricity through his blade. Nagi and Kyara chopped away with their scythed weapons, but other than that I don’t remember anything. I gave in to my orcish rage, devouring my foes with tooth and steel, enjoying the kill, not even registering as a scimitar slashed my arm. Glib also blinded a man with some magic, which I took full advantage of. I think that trick will be useful. The aftermath of the fight found us victorious with not a single loss.
Though many more await us at the lighthouse, I feel confidant that we actually do have an effective warband. May our enemies fear us.


Ericthefish delciadmg

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