Serpent's Skull

Goyle's Grumblings

Today was an interesting day. The last few days, as we rested in camp, I realized that the fight with the crocodile taught me something. As I was standing in the path of that great beast’s charge, I hit a moment of pure focus. I grit my teeth as I saw in slow motion (at least in comparison to the real thing) the teeth closing in around me. Using this extra time, I positioned my shield to deflect the teeth as I backstepped to be just outside those gaping jaws.

The fights with the bat and chimeras did not help much in refining this focus, though the chimeras nearly killed a lot of us. I spent the next two days practicing this focus.

I looked forward to battle with the frogs, but the new guy just had to make friends. Pleasantly at least, they directed us towards more monkeys to slaughter. Now, I like most of the people I travel with, but if Arty threw a ward on me, I coulda taken what we saw on my own. No ridiculously large crocodiles, no bats just as large, and no creatures that spit acid, just monkeys flinging poo. While I was laughing when Arliss was hit by the poo, I would never have been that dumb.

The only real annoyance was the pretty big winged monkey. It took me a little longer to get my focus centered, otherwise the creature wouldn’t have even scratched me. Then the new guy just disappeared and reappeared behind the beast. He used that goop the old monkey used to destatuefy it and turned it back to stone. Unfortunately he must have ran out, cause that thing was still swinging away at us. As always, an invisible Arliss means dead enemies (of Arliss) very quickly.

What in the 9 hells will we run into next?


Ericthefish reshall

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