Serpent's Skull

Into Death's Maw

Savath-Yhe has yielded no treasure yet, only death. While exploring the ancient avenues we have fought so many dread creatures, including a crocodile the size of a small warship. As it approached us in all its terrible glory I saw Goyle waver slightly for the first time ever. As the croc’s mighty jaws snapped closed over him though, our armored dwarf stepped nimbly back and teeth the size of swords scraped down along his shield. Then the impossible happened. The creature that could have swallowed any of us whole shuddered and died. We must have stood there motionless, unbelieving for a full minute. Realization dawned for me then, and I looked back to see the gnome smiling, nodding his head. A queer look was on his face, as if dealing death were a childish new game he wanted to play over and over. Terrible, undeniable power in a child’s frame. What could be worse?
Other creatures we fought too, like a gargantuan bat that took wing with Goyle in its claws before dropping to the ground due to many wounds we gave it. Again Goyle looked shaken but his was the final sure strike before it died. Ape men like those we fought in Tazion fell to us too, though bigger and stronger. Strangely they made no sound in combat nor in dying.
The last fight was one of the toughest and most desperate I have ever been a part of. Bary and Boco did not come out of it alive. I have heard tales before of chivalrous knights who lay down their lives for their king or comrades. I have always thought of these stories as fancy, created to sell a book or gain trust where there should be none. However, Bary gave his life as if he were a knight in one of those tales. I would not have believed it if it did not happen right in front of me. While exploring a ruined keep, three hideous creatures assaulted us from on high. Massive three-headed beasts they were- one a goat, one a lion, and the last, a dragon. Before they closed they soaked us in acid that they coughed out from there bellies. We fought them as our flesh boiled. During the melee, Bary drew one away to fight it single-handedly, buying us the opportunity to take them out one by one. Goyle and I surrounded one and bled it dry within seconds, our battle tactics as precise as if we shared a mind. While we prevailed against the smaller two, Bary and Boco were holding out against the leader- an enormous black-scaled monstrosity that rippled with muscle. As we all turned our attention to driving it off, we saw Bary and his mount drowned in the beast’s acid. One moment they were there, the next they were smoking piles of charred steel and flesh on the ground. We avenged him as the beast fell to Glib’s fireball, the witch’s acid, my poisoned crossbow bolt to its eye, and finally Goyle’s decapitating strike. Bary’s actions were 4 parts brave, one part foolish, but because of him our task could continue. I hoped that if he were somehow watching from his afterlife’s reward, he wouldn’t mind if I rifled through his things.


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