Serpent's Skull

Lure of Greed

We arrived in the Sargavan capital of Eleder with no complications. There we managed to sell our treasures and lore to various buyers. The question was, “Now what?”. Although I was rich by most men’s standards, still I was ill at ease. Languishing in this faltering city for the rest of my days was not an option. Then good news came. Apparently the lore we found was deciphered by the scholar Valinis and it hinted at a lost city far to the east. Who knows what lost treasures it contains? I sense even if this trip is successful my perpetual need for more will not be sated, but it is at least something to do. Why can I not be satisfied with my riches now? Then I think of the lost city and I cant wipe the smile off my tusked mouth.
To prepare for the long journey we needed supplies and allies. Joining us was the mercenary Goyle, who was perpetually clad in body-covering armor and shield. How does the dwarf walk in that, let alone fight? Also helping us organize was the pathfinder Amavor Glour, who was interested in the lost lore. Gained through the life of another possible ally was Nakechi, a wizened shaman and master of the wilderness. He would lead us to the ruin. Surprisingly we gained assistance from the Sargavan government. After coming to agreeable terms with Grand Custodian Byron Utilinus, we received a retinue of soldiers and a caravan to store the loot. To scout for us was a tiny little man who rode a giant bird. We keep strange company, but hopefully they can hold there own in a fight. Lastly, I bought a breastplate that the bards could sing about. A strong piece of mithril that is light but can stop a sword or arrow easily in its tracks. Right before we left we ran into some trouble with a terrorist group that burned our warehouse. Nothing violent retribution didn’t fix, but it costed us money and time. Also I should note that I now rent a space from the crimelord in Eleder, one Madam Dagastanna. Hopefully she wont get in my way should I decide to work in the city.


Ericthefish delciadmg

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