Serpent's Skull

Off This Rock

We explored the rest of the temple with Lanliss and the Nethys cleric. At the very end we encountered a woman who appeared to be half human and half snake. She spoke for a while and revealed that she was the Varisian woman who led the captain here. Clearly this situation would degenerate quickly into violence, and Lanliss acted first. I crept around to her flank to hopefully take her down fast, but found my faculties clouded by magic. I turned around, compelled to slash at Lanliss. As I raised by blade however, the wrongness of this compulsion assaulted me and I shook my head clear of her spell. Now doubly angry, I charged her. Her skeletal minions fell quickly, but she eluded us. Her magical defenses kept us from easily slaughtering her, and her poisoned fangs had Lanliss almost to the point of collapse. If it weren’t for the cleric and the oracle we would have been forced to flee. Eventually some of our blows landed and she hurriedly touched a statue behind her. Some magic turned her into insubstantial mist, and she glided out of the chamber. We also used this magic but she had a head start. We glided up to the surface and followed her tracks but they led to the coast and disappeared beneath the waves. Bitch is amphibious. Ugh.
Damn it! I’m glad it wasn’t me of course, but why do my allies have to die in the most horrific ways possible? This does not bode well for me. While exploring the dark, deep areas of the snake temple, we encountered a hideous creature of many eyes and maws. It bit Lanliss and within seconds sucked him into its body. Obviously fed for the moment, it retreated back into its watery lair. Of all the people on this rock, Lanliss was probably the best to have on your side. Quiet, reliable, good in a fight, and didn’t ask too many questions. I would say rest in peace but considering how he died I don’t think that’s an option.
The rest of our time waiting for a ship to spot our lighthouse was actually enjoyable. We ate Kyara’s catches, were entertained by Glib’s magic shows, and I was given a small gift from the gods. The women who fled the savage’s camp came back. Not only did they service the new leader, but they brought us a magic sabre from another dead jungle denizen. After a couple weeks, a ship from The Shackles came to pick us up. They were looking for that woman who rebuffed me. Starts with an “I”. Anyways we got picked up and now we’re headed for Sargava. Time to sell our treasures and old lore!


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