Serpent's Skull


We’ve come to find a routine while exploring this dangerous city. We wake with the sun, eat a tasteless breakfast, follow Goyle into the jungle, and fight anything we come across. With the Abadarran traveling with us however, diplomacy has become an option when encountering these native creatures. Not as much fun, but I suppose less scars and daily broken bones is a good thing. Glib has been quieter; that should be nice but since his displays of casual death-dealing magics, being silent is the creepiest thing he can do.
During our outings we’ve come upon these ziggurats. Every one seems to bestow a different kind of magic in it’s district. Interesting, especially considering the one cratered area that’s protected by a force field has a corresponding number of towers in it. We can’t get to it now, but it’s the group’s idea that if we activate all the ziggurats we’ll be allowed entry.
The lack of loot has come to an end. We found an artifact! Luckily the artifact is in the form of a sword that enhances the wielder’s fighting abilities. I claimed it immediately. Glib tells me the sword is smart and has it’s own mind and agendas. Ha! I’ll just have to show it who’s the tool and who’s the master. Anyway if it gets annoying it will fetch a king’s ransom in some distant market. I’m almost tempted to take off with the sword by myself, but there must be more riches in that cratered area. We’ll master this place or die trying. I give us good odds.


Ericthefish delciadmg

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