Serpent's Skull


How am I to defend myself against something that assaults my senses? Since the shipwreck I’ve been dazed, mentally dominated, stricken with numbing fear, paralyzed, and stunned. Each one more than once. I am never worried about a physical confrontation but these foes we face are tricksy and cunning, capable of insidious magics. My companions have each suffered these effects as well. The most recent catastrophe occurred after some alluring succubus charmed me into bed with her. The next thing I know I am fiercely defending her, rushing out into the night to fight my own party. Luckily, my hazed mind did not think to put on armor. How terrifying I must have looked, swinging my sword at Bary’s giant bird- bloodied, angry, and stark naked. Terrifying or foolish. The next thing I knew I was being roused from unconsciousness, listening to my companions’ desperate but victorious fight against the succubus and her minions. It all makes me so… furious. Next time I will think of what happened here and my rage will give me clarity.
We arrived in Tazion to find it overrun with bizarre sentient apes. To a lesser group they would have been death with their supernatural speed and strength but again our little band impresses me. I couldn’t tell you how may we slew; lets just say they learned to fear us. Deep within the ruins of Tazion we came across another of those snake people! This one was even stronger than the first, hurling fire, lightning, and enchantments that nearly destroyed us all. The battle lasted many minutes mostly due to the snake mage’s damned illusory duplicates. We’d strike him down only to realize we’d hit the wrong one! After we finally overwhelmed him (with help from some summoned lions) we sacked and searched the place.
In a central chamber we found some 3-dimensional map that showed the location of Savath-Ye- the true lost city. It will be some time before we reach it, but this perilous journey is not a waste. The wild is turning us into killing machines. We are like whirlwinds in battle. By the time I go back to a soft human city it will be like living among children. Ha!
Noteworthy piece of info- apparently the snake man was a cast-off from Savath-Ye. We should expect more of his kind when we arrive. I’m looking forward to that.


Ericthefish delciadmg

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