Serpent's Skull

The Vaults

Haven’t written in this thing for awhile. For a few weeks there it seemed as if we wouldn’t crack this city’s shell. That’s changed now though. After sweeping through the city like a storm and killing that serpent-lich thing, we encountered a crazy woman roaming around in the jungle. I recognized a pathfinder mark on her shoulder, so we took her to Amavor. Lucky we did. He recognized her, cured her of some magical “feeblemind” spell, and pumped her for information about Savanth-Ye. She- Juliver- doesn’t know much directly, but following some hazy recollections she had brought us to an ancient vault. Pretty normal routine inside, at least for us. Follow behind Goyle, retaliate against anything that threatens us. Took down some more monkey men, a giant slug, stone golem, and befriended some bat creatures that the cleric was then able to get some info out of. Strange guy that priest. He’s equally comfortable hashing out a peace treaty as he is pumping you full of arm-sized crossbow bolts. Preach peace, practice war I guess. Anyways he’s been even more helpful since the witch just up and left.
Long story short: we found a tapestry that denoted the location of several vaults throughout the city. An old book we found suggested that these vaults are where the people of this old city stowed a lot of their shinies- the handiwork of some doomsaying priest of Pharasma. So now we hit each vault one by one.
During the last fight I noticed something interesting. I used to weigh putting myself at risk for an ally, but now we all risk our lives for each other countless times during a fight without a second thought. It’s strangely effective, each of us watching out for the good of the group. This is not how the orc tribes wage war, how pirates fight their battles, or how thieves duke it out in the streets. I would put money on our tiny group against 100 of those foes however.
It’s also worth mentioning that the Red Mantis came to collect their sword. We gave it to them for a tidy little sum plus the promise of an assassination contract for each of us. I chose the captain who captured and sold me in The Shackles. Now that he’s as good as dead, I’ve effectively tied up all the loose ends in my past. Now that I’m focusing fully on the future, I feel sorry for the enemies I’ll face there.


Ericthefish delciadmg

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