Tall, brutish, smelly looking half-orc with oversized tusks.


Rogue 8/Bbn 2 Half-Orc CN HP90 AC26 (9 armor, 3 dex, 1 dodge, 1 nat, 2 def)

Str20, Dex16, Con16, Int12, Wis14, Cha7

Fort 13 Ref 11 Will 10

Speed 40ft Init 4 CMB + 13 CMD:29

Dodge, Boarded in Shackles, Toothy, Sacred Tattoo, Rock Climber, Fast Movement, Rage (9 rnds), Sneak+4d6, Trapfinding+4, Trap Sense+2, Power Attack, Mobility, Spring Attack, (Improved)Iron Will, Rogue Talent: Minor Magic: Acid Splash, Major Magic: Shield, Trapspotter, Rage Power: Auspicious Mark, Uncanny Dodge

+3 Mithril Breastplate, Adamantine Short Sword, +1 Terbetje, 50ft silk rope w/grapple, MW Naginata, + 2 Falchion, MW Comp. Longbow 3Str, Ring of Pro. + 2, Ring of Savanth Yhe, Amulet of Nat. Armor + 1, Boots of Elvenkind, Belt of Con/Dex + 2, Headband of Wis + 2, Potions: L Rest, CMW, antitoxin(2), 3 Spidervine, 7 Shadow Essence, 2 Black Dose, Tanglefoot Bag

Climb17, Swim12, Acro22, Dis Dev22, Stealth16, Appraise6, Know.(local)14, Know.(Dung.)14, Prof(sailor)5, Perc20, Survival5, Sleight7


Arliss “Mayhem” is the son of a proud and powerful Orc warrior- the heir to a tribe who saw the wisdom in breeding their strongest warrior with a human woman to produce a more cunning half-breed leader. After a decade of abuse and “toughening” from his clan, the young scion saw an opportunity to flee his fate of living with his intellectual inferiors. On a hunting mission near a human settlement Arliss slew his companions and hastily made his way to the village. In this small town, scorn and fear replaced the violence he had known and Arliss desperately yearned for a place that would appreciate and reward his skill, strength, cunning, and orcish morals. Alas he found it, first in shipmate’s stories of a place where your wits earned you money and well-planned crime payed. This place was The Shackles, and eventually Arliss found a pirate ship bound for Drenchport. He signed on as passenger/guard and learned a great deal about how a ship was operated and sailed. After the long journey Arliss found as close to home as he would ever get- Drenchport. Here Arliss thrived doing oddjobs as muscle, enforcer, arm-wrestler, mugger, etc.- and learned his trade- thief. His combination of finesse and brute strength earned him quite a reputation in Drenchport. One night- after being discovered and attacked by guards mid-heist, Arliss brutally slew them and proceeded to continue robbing the now undefended shop. After the short and bloody exchange his alias- “Mayhem”- was born. Such scoundrels who press their luck nightly don’t last long however, and Arliss met failure one night. A new and lucrative job proved his undoing, for it was not wise to steal from Free Captain Arronax Endymion. During the attempted thievery in one of the Captain’s warehouses, a trio of crossbow bolts from hidden snipers pierced Arliss in the back. The ex-Chelish admiral had contacts in Sargava and knew he could make a pretty penny selling this Orcish monstrosity to any mining company there. Within a day, Arliss found himself away from his life of crime and aboard a ship, destined for a life of slave labor.
Arliss “Mayhem” is a towering 6’8 and pushing 300 pounds. He makes up for being extremely foul smelling, sullen, and rude through his strength and roguish expertise. He has long, stringy black hair that is prematurely balding, and his mouth never completely shuts because his canine teeth are so big. He is about 18 years old, which puts him in his early 20’s by human standards. The only orcish tradition that has stuck with him is ritual tattooing and scarification that marks important milestones or battles from his past.


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