Serpent's Skull

What a lucky break. Besmarra must favor me, or perhaps she likes to see me struggle. I am writing this tale to document a first hand account of survival, bravery, and prowess by people shipwrecked on an unforgiving land. If I make this out alive I’m gonna be rich!

The ship I was held prisoner upon crashed, throwing me to the relative safety of a sandy Sargavan beach. The surviving passengers and crew were quickly set upon by scorpion-crab scavengers. The men and women impressively worked together, some of them using only sharp sticks. I made a bad first impression- using my orcish teeth to bite one of the things in half. They seemed uncomfortable with that. Oh well. We quickly took stock of our gear and surroundings. I then realized that my hated captor was there, helpless on the beach. I began taking off his armor and upon inspection saw that he was dead. We didn’t have many supplies but saw The Jenivere shipwrecked about a half-mile off. After finding shelter for the weaklings not willing to help raid the ship, a strong group set out. Nagi- a simple, soft-spoken but muscled Tian man (helped me burst out of my manacles), Kyara- a she elf with a pet snake, and Lanliss- an arrogant man elf. On the ship we found many supplies- weapons, armor, potions, food- including Nagi’s favored weapon and Lanliss’ spellbook(apparently he’s a wizard). We also found a useless gnome who was in shock and had to be led out. Another mouth to feed.
The next few days were spent exploring our surroundings and following the tracks of the captain and some wench he is in love with. From the circumstances of our shipwreck we all suspect foul play, and the captain must have the answers. When we find him I hope I can stay my hand long enough to question him. I should note that Nagi is an expert with his scythe-like weapon, and Kyara healed me instead of letting me die. Staying on their good sides will be a challenge for me as I’ve never had a use for companions. This is different and none would survive long on their own. Plus, the promise of unfound treasures here puts a spring in my step. Lanliss so far has been quiet, but I think he is holding his spells for when it is necessary. I hope he is not lying about being a mage.
I have a new scar from a spike trap, and a broken rib from a wench who rebuffed my advances. Basically it’s like I never left The Shackles.

Entry 1

Rough Tide Claiming All
Betrayed, Hope Lost, Forgotten
Hidden in the Wild


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